First meeting… First experience… First time stay in homestay…

Well… Now I want to share my life in Japan with English language. Not want to to be arrogant, but now I must practice my English. Because in Japan, English become the one language that I can use. So I must fluent in English and start to learn Japanese language. Maybe I will leave Indonesian language for a while when I was in Japan. I know my grammar not good at all, but I just try to practice my English. Hope all of you can understand if I do some mistaken because my grammar not good at all.

September  10th 2010 is the first time for me to meet my homestay family. I meet them on welcoming party that held by Tokyo Denki University.  I’m really confused and can’t express my feelings on that time. I already predict who is my homestay family because they already send their photo before. And I feel very nervous because since today I will stay with them and leave my friend from Indonesia. I also afraid if I can’t communicate with my homestay family later. And now I must stand alone because my town is different with my friend from Indonesia. I live in Shiroi-shi with Yamauchi-san and my friend live in Inzai-shi with Baba-san. How far between Shiroi and Inzai?? If I can explain, I must use train from Shiroi station to Chiba New Town Chuo station and the different is about two station between Shiroi station and Chiba New Town station. If I can express how far is it in Indonesian country, maybe I can say if my family in East Jakarta and my friend live in West Jakarta.

On the first meeting we have little conversation. But I am really happy I can speak English well and my homestay family also can understand what I said. I also can understand what they are talking about.

Welcoming party over and now I must leave my university and go to my homestay family house. About 20 minutes maybe by car, I come to my homestay family house. I’m really surprise with my homestay family’s house, because my homestay family’s house looks like my house but more clean and tidy inside.  It has two floor. On the first floor is for kitchen and living room. And on the second floor is for the bedroom. In my mind I will join my room with my homestay family room and sleep on the floor on futon. But my predict is wrong, they give me special room and I think it’s big enough likes my room in my home. And I can have my own privacy on my room, although I can’t close the door densely but its enough for me to have my own privacy. I also sleep on the spring bed not in floor on futon likes my imagine before.

Well the situation likes in my home. But the different maybe just in culture. I must follow all rules here and try to be polite person here. Really thanks to God already bless me until now. Hope I can live in Japan like feel at home.

Best regard


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