Getting Lost in Japan

September  13th 2010 first time for me to go to my campus alone. It’s really amazing and I can’t express my feelings. I leave home in the morning and when I leave home there’s one child  greet me. And I smile back to her.

I go to the station near my homestay family. WOW its really hot and make me little bit tired. Because Mr. Yamauchi already tell me how to go to the station I feel more convenient. But in my mind I still afraid if I lost in somewhere. Really thanks to God I can safe come to my university. Near my campus at the post office I meet the other foreign exchange student. PHEW!!! I feel safe. Because in my mind we can go to the class together. But waiting for so long… I think they have different course with me, because of that I try to speak with them and go to my class alone.

When come to the campus I try to find where is my classroom and I’m afraid if I get lost when try to find it. But God bless me again, I can find the other student from Finland and I’m sure if I already find my classroom. Not long time the class start. We learned Japanese language now. But,  I’m still waiting my friend from Indonesia but he didn’t come until the class over. After the class over we try to go to the bookstore and my friend from Indonesia come. He said if he get lost somewhere, because of that he didn’t follow the class.

In the bookstore we try to find book that used in Japanese class. I think its really difficult and we asked the employee there. Maybe we must wait for the book and we must back to the bookstore tomorrow.

From bookstore we go to international student affair. We try to discuss our problem and after that with my friend from Indonesia we go to media center together. Spend time together with internet access there. In the afternoon we go to the cafetaria and we eat together. I buy curry rice as usual and my friend try to buy other food.

At 2 o’clock we have meeting with Prof. Shigo, Prof. Tanaka, and Mr. Isao. We talk together about project until in the evening. In the evening its time for me to back home. NOW!!! The experience getting lost in Japan start!!

Before use the train I try to get information what train that should I take. When I think its enough I try my journey. I already follow the instruction, but I don’t know why maybe I use wrong train and I go to strange place called “Shin – Kamagaya station.” I’m feel afraid I can’t back home. So I asked the official information to get information. After that I follow the instruction. I use new train and when I must get out from the train I feel doubt because the station name is “Nishi-Shiroi.” The station sounds hear like “Shiroi station” the aim station that I want to go. So I getting out in “Nishi-Shiroi.” AGAIN I GET LOST!!! Its wrong station after I asked the official employee. So I must wait the next train. Until long time and I can back to my home safely.

Before back to the home I go to ATM center beside the bank. I try to withdraw some money, because in my campus I can’t use my card to withdraw money. I really thanks to God I can withdraw money with my bank card issue. I’m afraid if I can’t withdraw money anywhere, because I only bring 30,000 Yen in my pocket. And if I can’t withdraw money I just have that amount of money to stay in Japan for 4 month.

When back home I try to speak with my homestay family if I get lost. She understand but she not give some advice. Maybe because she not good in English. Well… not long time I have dinner time. I eat rice with miso soup, fish, mushroom, vegetables and pasta. Well… enough for today and I don’t want to get lost again……

Best regard


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