First Time Shopping… First Time Use Credit Card…

September  15th 2010 likes usual in the morning I have breakfast with bread and strawberry jam. But now I try to combine it with chocolate cereal. Today I go to my campus earlier than before. And today I takes “Japanese language I” class again. After class I go to media center as usual to have internet access.

In the afternoon I try to have “Udon” as my lunch. And after lunch I go to media center again to have internet connection. In the evening exactly at three o’clock Japan’s time I have meeting with Prof. Shigo on his laboratory. Prof. Shigo introduce me to his student. I can’t remember all of the name of his student. I really remember one of his student’s name. Her name is Kaoru. She is very beautiful, because of that until now I still remember. The other student is Kimu, Chang and Emi if I’m not mistaken. The other student I can’t remember it.

After meeting with Prof. Shigo I go back to media center and not long time I leave campus and went back home earlier. I plan to have shopping in “Naritaya” shopping center near my homestay family house. Beside that I also hunting photo to show it to all of my loyal readers blog. I will upload it as soon as possible. I hope all of you can be more patient.

Now for the first time I go shopping. I buy bento for my lunch tomorrow and I try to find “chocobi.” “Chocobi” is famous snack in Shinchan cartoon in television program. I see it when go shopping with my homestay family on last Sunday. But poor of me I can’t find it. So I try to buy chocolate, because somebody tell me if chocolate in Japan is very nice. I buy three block of chocolate and eat one when I back to my home. I think the taste not really special. I don’t know but maybe chocolate that I buy is the cheaper one. Maybe the taste of the more expensive one will make me exciting. 😀

When must pay all of the things that I buy, I try to use credit card. And I’m really glad I can use it for the payment. This is the first time for me and I’m happy can use my credit card in Japan.

When back home I getting the door of my homestay family locked. For a few moment I feel nervous if my homestay family go somewhere. But not long time Mrs. Yamauchi open the door. PHEW…. 😀

For dinner time I have miso soup, corn with some beef, shrimp with some salad, and maybe a kind of grilled fish. After dinner I take a bath. For your information Japanese people always eat before they take a bath. Maybe its a different culture with Indonesia. Enough for today because I’m sleepy now.

😀 Keep update dude!!! 😀

Best regard


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