Discuss About Trip to Tokyo

On September  20th 2010 nothing special happen. Because I just stay at home and do my homework. Sorry if I not update my blog. On the next day September  21th 2010 in the morning like usual I eat bread with strawberry and chocolate jam. Not long time I go to the station. Today the weather is very hot. I don’t know why but I think its already autumn, but maybe sometimes the weather likes in the summer.

As usual I go to media center to get internet connection. Today we meet our peer advisor from Nepal. His name is Sunil. I want to talk with him but he sit near Natanael, not near with me. Because of that we not talk anything, so do Natanael.

Today we follow software engineering class with Shigo-sensei. But because I just attend so we not pay attention to his class. Beside that class held in Japanese language and I don’t understand about it. So I try to do my homework in his class.

In the afternoon I eat noodles. I don’t know the name but the taste likes noodles from Indonesia. After eat, likes what I always doing I must get internet connection. I go to media center and in that place I try to finish my homework.

Until about 4 o’clock I finish my homework and I have meeting with Tanaka-sensei to discuss about school festival and our trip to Tokyo. We discuss about what we must do in school festival. Natanael and me very confused what should we do. Until long time we decided to have presentation about Indonesian culture, especially in Bali. Although we still confused and don’t know what we must do but its okay to think it later.

After meeting with Tanaka-sensei we have discussion with peer advisor. We want to have some attraction with some percussion. In the mean time, Natanael do something and press some button in the lecturer’s desk in front of the class. Thats make everybody surprised and I’m shy my friend do semething not good in front of the other international student.

Long time until 6 o’clock and we can back home. In the station I don’t know what people do, but they give something to all the people. I’m afraid if they are salesman. But when I try to look carefully they give something free to everybody. Because I interested with that I go outside and back to the station. So I get two of this things. If you want to know they give pocket tissue free… heheehehe So I get two pocket tissue. 😀 Here the photos….

I come back about 7 o’clock and not long time I have dinner. Today’s menu is salad, miso soup, rice, egg, and beef teriyaki. Not like usual, I’m really hungry today because of that I asked my “okasan-mommy” to have more rice.

Finish eating I go to “Naritaya” shopping center to buy “bento” for my lunch tomorrow and buy some chocolate. After back from “Naritaya” I take a bath and have free time. I prepare all of things that should I bring tomorrow and after that I go to sleep.  See you two days later after I have trip to Tokyo…. 😀

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