Visit TDU Kanda Campus in Tokyo

September  22th 2010 likes usual I have breakfast with bread and strawberry jam. After breakfast I try to wash my clothes because I don’t have enough socks for tomorrow. After finish wash my clothes and hanging them, I prepare to go to the campus. Today’s schedule is Japanese language course. My teacher is really kind because he always ask one by one of his student to speak Japanese. He try to make sure that somebody can spell and pronounciation corretly.

After finish class I go to media center. Today because I will go to Tokyo, I don’t bring my own laptop. So I use computer in the media center to connect to the internet. Beside that, this is the first time for me to use printer in media center. I can use it free and I print some document that are needed for international student affair.

After printing not long time stay in media center, I go to international student affair to give the document. After give the document, I change my clothes because I will meet president of Tokyo Denki University (TDU). I’m really confused when I must choose the best tie for my shirt for this special momment. Long time to choose and I decide my choice. And after finish change my clothes we go to the station to go to Tokyo.  Because its still summer when I walk to the station with the other international students, I feel very hot. My clothes wet because of my perspiration. That was not good…. L

We go to Tokyo with Tanaka – sensei and Isao – san. Long time in the train and wasting more than one hour to come to Tokyo. After we arrive that is amazing scene with big building. We walk together to visit TDU Kanda campus. We prepare everything and not long time we have meeting with president of Tokyo Denki University. All of us introduce ourselves. Some people use English and the other use Japanese language. Before the meeting over, TDU give all of the international student some souvenir. There is a very beatiful pen. Here is the picture…

After finish meeting and talk with the president of TDU, we have welcoming party together. TDU provide many kind of food and we can eat together. The amazing things happen is the welcoming party held in 17 th floor. So we can have amazing scene from the high place here. Here is some scene that I take the picture with my camera.

Before welcoming party start, TDU introduce Japanese college student that are study in Kanda Campus TDU. We also introduce ourselves to them. When we look some woman use yashmak, Natanael and me suspect that she is from Indonesia. But both of us wrong, she come from Malaysia. When we eat together we also have conversation with some of student. Especially with Malaysian. We talk with Malay language. Because Malay language almost same with Indonesian language we spend many time with her.

In the middle of party, there is a Japanese food called “Tsukimi” provide to us. I don’t really like the taste because the taste is plain. Maybe I must put “Tsukimi” into the sauce much than I do. Here is the photo of special food called “Tsukimi”

Well… we still want to enjoy the party. But we don’t have enough time. We must back to Chiba now. So we say “sayoonara” to all of them and go to the nearest station. We back alone because Tanaka – sensei must go to other side of the station. So we all together with Isao-san. He always guide us and he buy tickets for us. Isao-san not follow us back to Chiba, so when the train come we get into the train without Isao-san.

Wasting more than one and half hour in the train. And we arrive in “Shiroi station”, the nearest station from my homestay family. So I get off from the train with Finland student his name is Mikko. I think better if we get off here better than follow the other to get off in “Chiba New Town station”. When we want to go outside the station, I don’t know why we can’t use my ticket. In my mind, its okay if we can’t use the ticket that we already buy before, because it used for arrival in “Chiba New Town station” (2 next station after Shiroi). But why I can’t use my train card. I always used it when I go to the campus (between ‘Shiroi’ and’ Chiba New Town’). I think its same if you get off in “Chiba new town station” after that take another train to go to “Shiroi” and if you get off in Shiroi without go to “Chiba new town”. But why we can’t use our train pass. So we ask to the office worker there, and I don’t know why but he give us some money. That’s really great. I’m very lucky have it. Maybe because we getting of before the “Chiba new town” station so he give me some money. 😀

Okay its enough, until now I still thinking about how’s the gate of the station work. At home my dad already back home. Usually he always get home late. But I’m the late one today. Because yesterday I already tell will getting dinner in home, so I’m really full enough because I already eat much food when we have welcoming party. But the food already served to me, so for politeness I must take all of that food that already served for me. That’s corn, potato with meat, miso soup, sausages with salad, and fish. But I’m really full, because of that not all food I eat.  Maybe leave some tomato and cucumber because I’m not really like it.

Well…. I must prepare my condition for Tokyo trip day tomorrow. So after take a bath I go to sleep…

Oyasuminasai…….. 😀

Best regard


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