Getting Colder in Autumn Season

September  24th 2010 I feel very lazy to go to the campus. Because I still getting tired after the tour. But I must come, because today we have meeting with peer advisor about campus festival. Like usual I have breakfast with bread and cereal. And I try to go to the campus earlier because last week I come late and I don’t want come late again. Today the weather is very cold, because today the autumn season start. So I use sweater to get enough warm. Beside that I try to bring my umbrella, because I don’t want have same mistake and buy new umbrella again. So start from now I must prepare anything if the weather looks not good.

In the station when waiting the train, I meet my friend from Finland. So we getting the train together. In the way to go to the campus, we talk together about anything. In the middle way to campus we also meet with student from America. So all of us walk together.

We come first in the class. We wait until the class start and really glad because in the class the temperature not as cold as outside. Class started on 9.30 in the morning and Okamura-sensei start with weekly oral report. All of international student share each story when stay in Japan. And I share my story when I have barbeque party. In the middle of class sometimes each country must share about something. When we talk about marriage in each country, Natanael and me share about law when we get marriage in Indonesia.  Sometimes we confused but we can answer all of the question and support each other.

After finish class I have lunch time. Because I already bring my food (that is “bento”) I don’t need to buy anything. Finish lunch, I stay in media center to get internet connection. I chat with my brother and sister there. But the time walk very fast and I must go to the room 404 to meet with peer advisor to talk about campus festival.

I think the meeting will be waste long time. But I made a mistake. The meeting just for a while and I can come back to the media center to get internet access. Before I back to the media center I buy a book in the bookstore. I buy a book for my Japanese language class in Monday. Cheerfully I can buy it with credit card…. But I still sad because the price is very high. About 4500 Yen, that means 450,000 rupiah. L

Spend time in media center and contact with my family. After long time I must back to my home. But before back to my home I go to “TRIAL super center” to buy something. The weather very cold today and I feel cold when try to go to the station.

After back home I have dinner with miso soup, fish and katsu combined with egg and onion. And after finish eat I take a bath and go to sleep earlier because I’m really tired and want get enough sleep. Oyasuminasai…….. 😀

Best regard


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