Well… I don’t know why this morning on September  26th 2010 we don’t have breakfast time together. Usually we always have breakfast, lunch and dinner together when its holiday. But I don’t know why my homestay family stay in their room and they just prepare my own food on the table. So I just enjoy my breakfast alone. Today I have bread with tuna and some beef inside the bread. After finish breakfast, I wash my clothes.

Finish wash and hanging them on the outside I stay at my room clean everything, because after Tokyo tour all of my stuff not tidy well. After finish cleaning up I play with Haulu, my homestay family’s son. Not long time Haulu have lunch time. I try to make Haulu happy, because he looks sad when he have lunch. But my homestay family angry to me and said don’t disturb Haulu. It make me sad. I stay in my room and I getting cry. I don’t know why they are angry… Because of that I become miss my parents and try to memorize my hometown.

Well… not long time my homestay family call me for lunch time. I try to happy and not want my homestay family know if I’m crying. Today I have lunch with yaki-soba and some vegetables. After lunch my homestay family asking me to go outside. But I refused it, because I feel tired and unhappy with things that happen before. So I stay at home to sleep and do something that I want.

In the evening my homestay family back. I try to help them and try to become polite or do something that make my homestay family not hate me. I also give them some food that called “abon” in Indonesia. I don’t know they like it or not, but they said if its delicious when they try it.

Dinner time we have fried rice, chicken nugget, miso soup and pork. After finish dinner I take a bath and I stay in my room to do something. Oyasuminasai….

Best regard


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