Weekend with Homestay family’s friend

September  25th 2010 in the morning I have bread and sausages for my breakfast. Today my homestay family said if their friend will come in the afternoon. Morning until afternoon there is no interesting things happen. I just wait for my homestay family’s friend.

In the afternoon my homestay family’s friend come. They are three people come. One person’s name is Ken and he can speak English fluent. He also very fun and I like it. He come with his wife and the other one is male, if I’m not mistaken his name is Roku…

After they come we go to Flying Garden restaurant. This restaurant is very crowded. We must wait and standing outside because there is not enough space for many people. Long time wait maybe about a half hour we can go inside and choose menu’s for our lunch. This restaurant provide some kind of steak. I choose one and it cost about 980 Yen…. Oh God…. It’s very expensive…. And I must pay it by myself.

After finish lunch we back home. All of them not back home. All of them stay for a long time and talk with my homestay family about anything. I see that my father of my homestay family take some album. I think its looks like a memoriam book when they still in Junior high school or when they still in senior high school. So I understand now if they are friend when in school.

Maybe around six o’clock all of them back home. And nothing happen again on this day. I feel homesick now. Because I don’t know why, I feel my homestay family not consider me likes their son. They looks separate me from them and sometimes I feel sad. I try to have positive thinking… Just let it flow now. Good night… Oyasuminasai…. 😀

Best regard


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