Meet with Crazy People in Japan

October  15th 2010 today is friday. Sometimes people said “Thanks God its Friday” because tomorrow is weekend. Maybe I also want to said that. Like usual on friday I have cross culture study course in the morning. Only in this course all of international student can meet. And like usual we must do oral week report. And the hot topic on this weekly report is “Campus Festival” oohh no.. maybe the title is “Bad Campus Festival” (I think its better) 😀

In this class we share about how bad campus festival is it. Because nobody come on our presentation. Each international student share their dissapointed about this. Because the audience not as much as we expected before. We think more than 75 people will come. But maybe just about 20 people come. And that 20 people is the member of our homestay family. So I thinks it looks like useless. And maybe looks stupid show your presentation only to yours homestay family member. But show must go on, and because of that we dissapointed with this campus festival.

Finish oral week report we continue study about Japanese religion. And after finish class we don’t have the other class. After finish class I have lunch together with Natanael on the cafetaria. After eat as usual I go to media center to have internet access. Beside that I also do my homework from Indonesia. Well…. how hard it is….

Time walk fast, when I aware its already evening. So I back to my home use train. The train what I  waiting for is coming. I get in to the train and what I said in this article title happen, “ I meet with crazy people.” I don’t know he is crazy or not, but what things that he is doing make him like a crazy man. He close his mouth with his hand. He make sound that make somebody hear about it feel disgusting. And after that he rub his hand on his thigh. What is he doing? I have no idea. At the first time he do that I’m feel okay. But he do it repeatedly. And somebody sit near the man run and find the other place to sit. Oh no… what is he doing…. I feel afraid. I want to know exactly what he is doing, but I don’t want to pay attention to him because I know look straight at somebody is not polite in Japan. Beside that I afraid if I look straight at him, he will stand up and sit near my place. When I asked my parent about this, my parent also confused. And they make joke if that man is Sadako’s brother (@.@) – Sadako is famous ghost in Japan. Well… Until I get off from the train the man still do the same things. But I feel free now because I already not meet him.

At night I am glad I can see “Doraemon” and “Shincan” in television. Because since two weeks ago, both of the anime is not exist in television because of the special program. And I enjoy my dinner with watching TV.

Its late night today. So I must permit to my homestay family to go bed. When I said “Oyasuminasai” they tell something if they will go tomorrow. When I asked them where are they going, they said if they want to go to my mother house. Not usual they not asked me to join, they just explain if they will back home late. It’s okay so tomorrow I feel free at home. What I do? Just wait and keep read my blog. 😀

Best regard


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