Try McDonald in Japan

After yesterday my homestay family come home late, I think both of them tired. So on October  17th 2010 they woke up late. But breakfast already prepared for me. Thanks 😀

In the afternoon, my homestay family asked to me want go together or not. They said they will eat McDonald. Okay I join with them. When we want to go, all of them use red clothes. My father, mother, and of course Hauru-kun their son use red clothes. So I try to change my clothes to make us like a cohesive family. But I don’t have red clothes, so I just using my sweater. Really thanks my sweater colour is pink. It’s okay it looks like red. 😀

In McDonald the price is very expensive. So I just buy one burger and one coca-cola and it cost about 200 Yen. When order the menu, my homestay family leave me to do it alone. Although they step back behind me but I still confused. Oh God… spend more than 5 minutes just to order one burger and one coca cola. Phew…. what an experience….. Beside that I told to my homestay family if McDonald in Indonesia have different menu. In Indonesia, we can buy rice and chicken. Beside that the price also cheaper than in McDonald in Japan.

After finish lunch we go to 100 Yen shop. Thanks God in this place I find something goods that I want to buy. I buy special toy from Japan called “Ozoora Kendama “ Here is the photo. I buy it two. One for my family and the other one for my teacher. Because my junior high school teacher order it.

After that we go to the other place. We go to “Big Hop – Garden Mall Inzai.” In this mall we looking around. I don’t know what my homestay family want to buy, but I think they want to buy some clothes for their son. Because they look at kids clothes store. When we looking around, I meet with Casey. Casey is one of the international student from America. When I asked her, she go by herself. What a brave girl!! She said that her homestay family house not far from this mall. But I think that she is very brave can go by herself. Finish looking around we go shopping. Not much things that my homestay family buy. And after finish we back home.

At home I stay in my room. And maybe spend about one hour and I have dinner time.  Today dinner is croquettes. Finish dinner they give me apple as the dessert. They also give me a box of chocolate from Los Angeles. The chocolate has mint flavour, because of that my homestay family don’t like it and give the chocolate to me. Ohhh Thanks GOD…. It’s really nice.

Finish dinner my homestay family said if they will go to Disney Sea on October 23. WHAT???!!! I’m really surprised about it. Wow amazing. Sounds good. They explain about Disney Sea because I’m very interesting with that. Long time explain until they late to take a bath. And I still wondering what happy am I. Phew I can’t wait and want to go now. What happen in Disney Sea? Check it out next week on my blog. See you.

Best regard


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