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Choshi City – Beautiful City Surrounded By Ocean

From now you can easily find my English posting about journey in Chiba. I already separated it and you can find it in category “Travel In Chiba”. You can choose the category on the right side on my blog. And you will see about reccomended place in Chiba that I visited before. And now, for the first post I reccomend you to visit Choshi City when you travel in Chiba.

Location and How To Access

Choshi City located in eastern most of Chiba Prefecture. Its three sides surrounded by the ocean and have many tourist spots. From Narita station you can direct access to Choshi Station around 1 hour and 30 minutes with price not more than 1500 Yen.

Choshi located on east of Chiba with red highlight

When you arrive in Choshi station you will see welcoming board “Welcome To Choshi” and outside the station you will see little about Choshi and its written in 2 language, English and Japanese.

Choshi welcoming board inside the station

Information about Choshi outside station

 Interesting Spot

1st place you must visit is Inubosaki Lighthouse. This place is very interesting. You can see Pacific ocean surround this place. In this place also have Continue reading