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Lost bike in Japan???!!!

Second day activities in Tokyo Denki University. In Japan have different culture with Indonesia. In Japan decide day by day in one week in three condition. First condition is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In this condition all of the activities very busy and all of activities start earlier than the other condition. Second condition is Tuesday and Thursday. In this condition all activites start late than first condition. I don’t know exactly about this but my homestay family go to the office late than before. Because of that I conclude about that. And of course the third condition is Saturday and Sunday. Its free time and holiday time. Maybe this third condition same in every country. 😀

September  14th 2010 I have breakfast alone with bread and some yoghurt. After that I wash my clothes and prepare go to my campus. In campus I come earlier before the class start, because I want to access internet on the media center. First come, I think internet connection have some problem with it. But not long time I can have internet access freely. Time over and I must follow “software engineering” class with Prof. Shigo as the lecturer.

Class held with Japanese language but the slide of the presentation provide some English text to understanding. Because I just attend in class and I have no duty to follow the exam I just play with my computer on the classroom. Really thanks because in class we can open our notebook and I’m not getting bored.

After follow the class I have lunch time. Now I try “soba” for my lunch. I think all kind of noodles taste same in the whole world. The different just the dessert who accompany the noodles on it. And after lunch I go to media center again to get internet access. I think media center is the best place for meeting point. 😀

Time to go to follow another course. Now I learn about “Southeast Asian studies.” Because I come from Indonesia maybe I can proud with myself. Nothing interesting in this course that I can share with all of you.

Class over and I go to media center again to have contact with my family. I’m very happy because I can talk with my family via skype. That’s make my homesick better. 😀

Phew!!! after contact with my family, my friend from Indonesia get some problem. He lost his bicycle in campus. That bike owned by his homestay family. PHEW!!! WHAT A TROUBLE!!!   We talk to international student affair about it. We try to find the bike together but the bike already lost… So I think my friend should accountable for it. Because my friend from rich family I don’t really worry about it. Because new bike in Japan cost about 10,000 Yen. I think it’s okay for him. Well I really thanks to God because until now I’m not face anything problem. Just problem with communication but its okay… I already know about it!!! Hope I not face anything big problem until I back to Indonesia.

Well for the first time I tricked by Japanese people. Because of this problem international student affair said if they will accompany me and my friend to back to the homestay family. But in fact they just accompany my friend back to his homestay family, neither do I. So I must back home with train as a usual. I think its okay because the problem happen to my friend not to me.

When back home I’m not getting lost again. I used the right train and I can back home safely. Before back home I try to buy an ice-cream in a vending machine. This is the first time for me to use vending machine. I enjoy the ice cream very well. In Japan said “oishii” to say if some food are delicious. When back home the homestay family asked me to teach their child speak English when they prepare the meal for me. Not long time teach the child and I have dinner time. Today I eat chicken with salad and a beef. Beside that I also eat miso soup and octopus food. I don’t really likes octopus but it’s okay and I enjoy the meal. Enough for today and I hope I’m okay until back to Indonesia….

Best regard