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About Chiba Prefecture and Chiba Ambassador

Finally after long time to wait I got information if I regarded and chosen as Chiba Ambassador. It become very awesome I chosen as Chiba Ambassador, and I feel so excited with that. For people who still new comer in Japan and not so fluently to speak Japanese, I’m proud chosen as Chiba Ambassador. Last Monday, June 11th was the investiture of Chiba Ambassador and that was so great. Altough I have little problem and come little bit late, but somehow the investiture was so amazing.

Use “batik” as Indonesian traditional clothes, together with the other foreigner who regarded as Chiba Ambassador, the investiture run smooth and orderly. The investiture also attended by the governor from Chiba Prefecture and also the mascot from Chiba Prefecture that is Chiba-Kun.

Investiture and Get Certificate (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).

Chiba Ambassador Investiture with Chiba Kun (Mascot Of Chiba Prefecture) and Morita Kensaku (森田健作) the governor of Chiba Prefecture (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).

Being a Chiba Ambassador we  will get Continue reading