Boring Day

September  12th 2010 its holiday… But its a boring day… With my homestay family we don’t have any plan… So its very bored day…

In the morning we have breakfast together… Today we eat hotdog with some vegetables. After that we watching TV together. In the afternoon, Mr. Yamauchi asked me to help him to make a furniture. We make it together and its very easy to make it. After that we waiting for the lunch time. Now we eat “shiumai” for the lunch. I don’t know how to spell “shiumai” in Japanese but maybe its already correct. Correct me if I’m wrong! “Shiumai” its looks like a noodles in Indonesia. But it serve with some sauce. Beside that its served not in hot condition but its served with ice cubed above the “shiumai”

After lunch time we have free time. And both of us (me and my homestay family) decide to take a nap. Maybe about 2 hours we sleep and when I woke up my homestay family asked me to go to shopping center together. We go to Jusco mall near my university. We just buy some foods and after that we come back to home.

Dinner time!!! Now the menu’s is croquettes. I think its same likes Indonesian food. Its made from potatoes, but the different maybe just the shape. In Indonesia croquettes looks like a cylinder but in Japan the shape is like a circle. After dinner, I got stomachache. Its the first time for me use toilet in my homestay family. PHEW!!! It’s really different how to use toilet compare Indonesia and Japanese people. Indonesian people always use water based to clean and Japanese people used paper based. WEW!!! I want to be honest I never used paper based before because of that I go to the toilet first and go to the bathroom after that. WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE….

Best regard


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