First meeting… First experience… First time stay in homestay… (2)

September  11th 2010 is the second day in my homestay family. But its feel like the first day I live here, because yesterday I come here on night so I just sleep. And now I must do all activities with my new family so its feel like the first day. In the morning I woke up at six o’clock  and I think all of family member here still sleep. So I wasting time alone in my bedroom.

Maybe about eight or nine o’clock we have breakfast time together. They serve me a bread with a salad and beef. I think it enough for me and maybe if I want to be honest the breakfast better than in my home in Indonesia. After breakfast Mr. Yamauchi show me how to use washing machine. And I try to wash my clothes alone.

After finish wash my clothes Mr. Yamauchi acompany me to looking around here. He tell me how to go to the station. He also show me the supermarket and the other important place. Before we back to my house Mr. Yamauchi bring me to game center. WOW!!! It’s really amazing because I can see all of anime in Japan there. We looking around for a while and then we back to our house.

In the afternoon my homestay family asked me to join with them to the shopping center. Before we go, they introduce my self to their neighbour and their neighbour looks very surprised know me here. Now we go to the shopping center together. I think its very far from my homestay family’s house, because we wasting too much time to go to the shopping center.

Lalaport is the name of the shopping center. I really surprised with the facility that serve in the shopping center. It’s very different with shopping center in Indonesia. I can’t express it, but maybe I can show the picture for all of you. In Lalaport we have lunch time together, I try to buy “Udon” special noodles from Japan. The taste is really nice, maybe I can buy it again later. After finish lunch we looking around together.

After looking around we leave Lalaport and go to Jusco mall. At that place we shop together and buy daily needs there. PHEW…. However I can’t express my feelings because the situation and all facilities in a public place its serve better than in Indonesia. I hope Indonesia can have situation likes in Japan.

In the night we have dinner together and do you know what they serve to me?? They serve “takoyaki.” WOW!!! It’s great!!! We make takoyaki together in the table and we enjoy it together!!! It’s really nice and I said “oishii” to them that mean delicious meal.

Okay, thats my new life in my new home. I don’t know how to express my feelings but I hope I can live here for four month happily. Because sometimes I feel shy and afraid to become my self. But I know God will bless me anytime… anywhere…

Best regard


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