Journey to Disney Sea?! What an unbelieveable experience (Short story in English)

Well… Likes what I said before, my homestay family already plan to go to Disney Sea. It’s really unbelieveable I can go to Disney Sea. That’s make me can’t sleep well at night before the date I go to Disney Sea. In the morning I woke up earlier than before. I woke up at 4.30 o’clock because we must go at 6 o’clock in the morning. I prepare for everything. I check my bag, breakfast and prepare everything. And at 6 o’clock we departure from home to Disney Sea. Before we go to Disney Sea, because I already have promise to pick Natanael (my friend from Indonesia) at the station, so before we go to Disney Sea we go to Shiroi station to pick Natanael.

Well… long time way until about 7.45 o’clock we arrive at Disney Sea. WOW!! Unbelieveable!! Many people already come at Disney Sea. Disney Sea open at 9 o’clock but everybody already stand by and queue to buy ticket or prepare to get into the Disney Sea. Long time wait and I can buy a ticket to Disney Sea. Here is the photo of the ticket and priceboard if you want to go to Disney Sea.

Well about 9 o’clock Disney Sea open and many people want to get in as soon as possible. After get in I take some picture and meet with Pluto and Minnie mouse. 😀 Not too long take photos I look at the map and try to find the attraction that I want to ride first. First thing first its hard to find what attraction that I want to ride. But finally I can find the first attraction that is “Tower of Terror”

In the first attraction I must queue about one hour. And I can get in to the attraction. Before the attraction start there is some story but in Japanese language. So I can’t understand and just looking at the things show over there. Never imagine before in this attraction we go to the up building and go down fastly… WOW GREAT!!! But there is something that make me regret, the time of the attraction too short. 😀

After go to “Tower of Terror” in American Waterfront I go to Port Discovery to ride “Storm rider.” In this attraction we not queue to ride but we get the fast pass ticket first. Fast pass ticket is ticket that can make you get in to the attraction without queue before. At “Tower of Terror” I don’t know about it, so after know how to get in the attraction without queue I always try to find fast pass ticket. But fast pass ticket has limit use. So maybe you must know the trick how to get the fast pass and ride all the attraction without queue.

After get fast pass ticket in Port Discovery I go to Lost River Delta to get the second fast pass. I get fast pass ticket for “Raging Spirit” attraction. The time show I must back to Port Discovery to ride “Storm Rider.” In “Storm Rider” we sit and the simulation show something. In this attraction we try to stop big storm. We use a special plane and get into the hurricane and shoot something with big gun to stop the hurricane.

Finish ride “Storm Rider” I queue to ride “Aquatopia.” In this attraction I ride a watercraft and the watercraft move around. Not really good but its fun. Now I go to Lost River Delta to ride “Raging Spirit.” Because I already have fast pass ticket so I don’t need to queue to ride this attraction. This attraction is a roller coaster. It’s great can ride this attraction. But the roller coaster not as big as roller coaster in Indonesia.

Finish ride roller coaster I go to Arabian Coast to ride “Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage” in this attraction we use a ship to see Sinbad adventure from beginning until end. Finish ride that attraction I see “The Magic Lamp Theater” still in Arabian Coast. This theater show in 3D and its interesting theater for me.

Now lets’ go to Mysterious Island. In this place I ride “20,000 Leagues Under Sea” first. Its amazing attraction. We use a ship and we discover under the sea and see many thing inside. That’s really great. Still in Mysterious Island I go ride “Journey to the Center of the Earth” WOW…. I think its a favorite attraction. We must wait and queue until about 3 hours to get into the attraction. Beside that in the middle of queue the attraction has some problem. Wasting about 15 until 20 minutes waiting until the attraction work again. That’s make me very tired.

Day already night and the last attraction that I ride in Mermaid Lagoon, that is “Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster.” This attraction also a roller coaster but in small size. So child have minimum height 90 centimeters can ride this roller coaster.

Well already night, before I go outside I buy some souvenirs and back to the place that I already make point before I leave alone with my friend. Because when we come to Disney Sea I cutting loose with my homestay family. I go with Natanael and my homestay family go with their child. And after that we back home and I really tired and sleep in the car.

WOW AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Its great. I hope I also can go to Disney Land as soon as possible. Thanks to read my blog.

Best regard


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